Photobooth LED Ring Service Version 1.5.6 available!

LED Ring Controller

I updated the LED ring service application suite.

The service is now available as 64 bit and 32 bit (new!) version. Please download the appropriate setup for your platform.

In addition, I fixed a bug in the dslrBooth function that prevented some dslrBooth events from creating light effects.

The current version may be downloaded here.

Photo Booth LED Ring Service V1.5.5 available!

LED Ring Controller

I have updated the LED ring controller service.

The service now supports SparkBooth. Light effects are applied to the LED ring according to status information written to a status file by SparkBooth.

If you purchased an LED ring from me, please contact me for an updated configuration manual.

You may download the latest software here.

Photo shooting at Lake Wiesensee

After years of waiting we had the unique chance to dive this lake. It’s a sesonal lake that disappears as quickly as it appears in a shallow valley. Ideal weather conditions allowed for a spectacular dive and great pictures. Because of weight restrictions, I didn’t take pictures myself. I concentrated on modelling for Harald Hois.
You may have a look at his pictures in my model gallery.

Eyepiece and angle finder adapter for OM-D E-M1 X available!

Adapter for using Canon 22mm view finder acessories on OM-D E-M1, E-M1 ii or E-M1 X.

Good news!

Both adapters for eyepiece and angle finders for the E-M1 or E-M1 II will also fit the E-M1 X. The already existing adapter designs will fit on the new camera.

You may find out more about the adapters here:

Eyepiece for wearers of glasses for OM-D cameras

Angle Finder Adaptor for the OM-D E-M1, E-M1 II and E-M1 X