Photobooth Controller Software Version 1.4.5 available!

I updated the applications to control the Photo Booth LED Ring. A new light effect was added to the controller. The setup of the service has been improved. To be able to use the new light effect both the service and the controller firmware have to be updated.

The new version is available here as download.

Long live the RF-603 buzzer!

I designed a new version of the RF-603 based buzzer. The housing now looks exactly like the one of the Bluetooth BLE based buzzer. The flat design is more stable and looks pretty good. It contains an RF-603 transceiver that is powered by two AAA batteries. Both channel selector and main switch are accessible through the housing bottom.

More about the buzzer.

Olympus Angle Finder Adapter

Angle Finder Adapter for Olympus
Angle Finder Adapter

It’s hard to find an Olympus VA-1 angle finder. Therefore, I did some research to find an alternative. The Seagull universal angle finder hits the bill. It is available, reasonable priced and it got a mount for adaptors. In addition to the large number of adapters that are already shipped with the angle finder, I developped three more.

One for the OM-D E-M1 and E-M1 II, another one for the three cameras OM-D E-M5 II, E-M10 II and E-M10 III and a third one for the PEN-F.

My buzzer is bigger than your buzzer!

Bluetooth LE Buzzer
Bluetooth LE Buzzer

Oh yes, Mr. President. My buzzer is bigger than yours. Its working, and it makes people happy. It trigggers a camera instead of nuclear weapons. It brings fun and happiness without killing somebody.

It is horrible to watch a few madmen to spread fear and violence while starting wars. We can’t fence our nice little world good enough. One day war will be on our doorstep. The same war we already allowed for too long to exist. I therfore say a loud and clear NO to war and violence in any form. No matter if it is lead in the name of a god or for any kind of good cause. This madness has to stop now or our world will burst out in flames you won’t be able to control anymore.

This had to be said here and now.