My approach towards hardware

I’m a genuine software guy. Software without soldering would be nothing though. To bring some contrast into my life, I started a couple of solid hardware projects. The biggest one is my Olympus E-5 underwater housing project which kept me busy for more than a year.

Most of my hardware projects target photography or scuba diving.

My tools

During the last few years I learned 3D-CAD design. I also designed printed circuit boards with Eagle and built some electronic gadgets. Sometimes, software needs a solid base.

The results

3D SLS is a technology where fine powder ist welded together by a laser beam, creating 3D objects in fine layers. Depending on material and technique fine resolution and a smooth surface is possible. This technology is ideal for prototyping and small batches. It’s like casting without a dye. It even allows shapes that aren’t possible with conventional methods. You just send 3D data by email and find the parts a few days later in your mail.

I also design simple parts that may be produced with common technology.

Buying a 3D-printer added new horizonts I am now able to print most of my prototypes or sometimes even small batch series at home.

I use printing services to build PCBs. It’s far more economical and environmental friendly than etching them yourself with acid.