Olympus Focus Rings

Spare parts or even the knowledge to repair are getting rare for Olympus FT lenses. The European Service Center tends to replace lenses rather than repairing them. When you send in your lens you may end up with a replacement rather than the repaired original lens. That’s against my view of reducing waste. I therefore started to design and print spare parts whenever I need some. If there’s a need for further spare parts, I may extend the portfolio.

Focus rings are printed in TPU. That’s a rubber-like material quite similar to the original focus rings. The only drawback is the fact, that the material is available in white only. I haven’t found out if it is possible to dye the material permanently.

TPU is printed in a selective laser sinter process. Printers for this process are expensive and can’t be run in a household environment. I therefore have the focus rings printed at Shapeways. Unfortunately, TPU can’t be selected in a webshop product. That’s why focus rings currently can be ordered through me only.

FT 50mm f2.0 Macro

FT 50mm Macro Focus Ring

The focus ring of my FT 50mm f2.0 macro lens dissolved after years of intense use. The rubber crumbled and got all sticky. I removed it carefully with a spatula and wiped off the remaining stains with tissues and alcohol. The new ring is simply slid over the cleaned lens. A thin rim keeps the ring in place.