New: the LED Strip Controller

LED Strip
LED Strip

I designed a new controller to show light effects on a photo booth. It drives segments on LED strips to allow effects on arrows, the printer slot, buttons or similar. The controller is an add-on to the LED Ring. It is controlled by the LED Ring Service that synchronizes light effects with most common Booth applications.

Find more detailed information on the Photobooth LED Ring page.

LED Ring Service Version 1.7.2 now available!

LED Ring 20SF
LED Ring 20SF

New month, new features!

All light effects of the LED Strip Controller got a new feature. They allow to configure an effect duration to clear the strip after a defined time or the next effect, whatever occurs first.

To use the new functionality, both the LED Ring Service and the Strip Controller have to be updated.

You may download the latest version here.

LED Ring Service 1.7.0 available!

LED Ring 20SF
LED Ring 20SF

A new year and new functionality! The LED Ring Service now supports the LED Strip Controller. The controller allows to show light effects at the printer slot, the coin slot or the buzzer or wherever you need a light efffect that depends on the application status. It is the ideal add-on to the LED ring.

You may find here the latest version 1.7.0 for download.

LED Ring Service Version 1.6.1 available!

LED Ring 20SF
LED Ring 20SF

I added a few more features to the LED Ring Service. It now allows to control DMX devices in addition to the LED ring. The countdown feature for dslrBooth was enhanced too. It allows to display an alternative light effect at a configurable percentage of the countdown. The ring may be switched e.g. at 90% countdown completion to blinking.

The new version may be downloaded here.

Photobooth LED Ring Service Version 1.5.6 available!

LED Ring Controller

I updated the LED ring service application suite.

The service is now available as 64 bit and 32 bit (new!) version. Please download the appropriate setup for your platform.

In addition, I fixed a bug in the dslrBooth function that prevented some dslrBooth events from creating light effects.

The current version may be downloaded here.