For more than 30 years, I work on improving the quality of ym pictures. In my classes, I try to share this experience. I Focus on using (or breaking) design rules, to enhance the effect on the beholder. Technical basics of photography are taught to gain these effects.

I prefer to work with small groups in nice ambience. Therefore, I choose the Seminarhotel Retter for my classes.

Intentional Photography

It’s easy to take bad pictures with expensive equipment (I can proof it). It’s harder, to take good pictures with a cheap and simple camera. But, what’s a “good picture”? We will find out during a weekend, and find maybe surprising answers. “Intentional Photography” is a way towards better results. To know ahead, what you’re doing, a bit of planning before you press the button. My classes will guide you to use your camera a a tool for taking appealing pictures.

Usually, my classes are held in German language. I can hold classes in English on request.