Alternative Power Supply for the Uwatec Galileo Sol

Uwatec Galileo Sol with alternative power supply
Uwatec Galileo Sol

When i used the Galileo Sol first time for test diving, I was simply faszinated. New algorithms, the huge display and the possibillity to get firmware updates you could upload yourself. What more could you want? Since tehn, I used the Galileo during all my dives. First as a test object, later as a reference while testing other dive computers. In July 2021 I finally sent my Galileo back to Uwatec.

Friends of mine still use their Galileo for daily diving. Nowadays, it tends to get tricky to buy new CR12600SE batteries. If you get one it may be already close to expiration or already drain capacity quite fast. That’s a pitty, since the Galileo still is a sturdy and reliable working horse. For those, who already have troubles reading small numbers on wrist-watch computers, the large display is a real treat.

I got a hint, that the CR12600SE lithium cell with 3V nominal voltage may be replaced by two alcaline LR1 cells with 1.5V nominal voltage each. The two cells have together the same diameter and length and also voltage as the original battery.

Ich habe nun einen Tipp bekommen und prompt umgesetzt. Anstatt der einen Lithium-Batterie mit 3V Nennspannung habe ich zwei Alkaline-Batterien vom Typ LR1 mit einer Nennspannung von 1,5V in Serie eingesetzt. Die Kombination hat mechanisch die gleichen Abmessungen und elektrisch vergleichbare Werte.

First dive with a Galileo Sol
First dive with a Galileo Sol in 2007

Good News: I was able to turn on the Galileo after inserting two LR1 cells. The battery gauge showed full battery. I also did a dive at 18°C in fresh water. In total, the Galileo seems to work with the replacement cells.

Warning: I don’t know, how long the batteries will last. I don’t know if the end of live will be detected reliably and timely to prevent a failure during a dive. I don’t know how the LR1 alcaline batteries will behave in cold water. Uwatec can’t recommend the use of LR1 batteries without long and expensive tests (so this won’t happen). I will present my experience here but I can’t recommend the replacement batteries either. I just canreport what I experienced in specific cases. If you try this too, you do it at your own risk. Please keep in mind, that I dive at least one computer that contains certified serial production hardware and software. Most of the time, I am diving 6 or more computers in parallel, so I won’t get into much troubles if one of them fails.

There are still things to research and find out. Even if it’s just to do a retro-dive anno 2007.

BLX-1 Battery Adapter now available!

BLX-1 Akkuadapter
BLX-1 Akkuadapter

I recently received a request to build a BLX-1 battery dummy. After designing and building a prototype, I successfully tested the prototype on an OM-1 at Fotozentrum in Krems (Austria).

As a result of theis test, I am now building BLX-1 battery adapters on request.

I don’t know of a source for spare part OM-1 battery compartment lids. Therefore I can’t provide modified battery compatment lids yet. The dummy is secured by the red notch that also keeps the battery from falling out of the camera. The dummy will stay in place, even when the lid is open or removed.

More info about battery dummies on my Battery-Dummies page.

Party-Phone Project

Wählscheibentelefon Jahrgang 1962
Rotary Dial Phone 1962

I am right now working on a new project. I turn an old mechanical dial phone into an accoustic guest book.

Users may lift the receiver, dial a number and thus trigger an anouncement. They are invited to leave a message after the tone.

The telephone is designed for autonomous operation. Connected to a computer, it can set to act as a USB drive. Messages aer recorded as OGG audio files to save storage space.

I built a first prototype inside a white model 1962 phone. The phone is already working with basic functionality.  It contains a set of configurable functions. I will test, optimise and extend functionality during the next few weeks.

I will publish project details on a dedicated page in the near future.

For details see my Guest Book page.

PhotoBooth LED Ring Service V1.9.16 available!


The new version has an improved support for larger rings. It also improves the installerby optimizing automated detection of controllers. Firmware 2.06 or later is required for the Ring Controller Micro to use improved functionality.

Detection of controllers in the LED Ring Configurator is also improved.

The new setup image is available in the LED Ring Service download area.

Angle-Finder Adapter for the OM-5

OM-5 mit Winkelsucher
OM-5 with Angle Finder

Reinhard Wagner is currently busy preparing his next book about the OM-5. During his research, he found out, that the angle-finder adapter suitable for the OM-D E-M5ii also fits the OM-5. Therefore, all angle finders supported by my adaptors may be also used with the OM-5.

This also applies to the eye-piece adaptors I offer.

Thanks to Reinhard for providing me a picture of the OM-5 with mounted VA-1 angle finder.

More about the adaptors on my Angle Finder Adaptor and Eye-Piece Adaptor pages.

Photo Booth LED Ring Service 1.9.13 available!


The new version extends installer functionality. It includes support for automated detection of the older Controller Nano. Thhis makes the installation even easier.

The LED Ring Configurator now allows to update the controller firmware.

The new setup image is available in the LED Ring Service download area.

Project: large eye-cup for the OM-1

OM-1 Augenmuschel
OM-1 Augenmuschel, drehbar

I developped a large eye-cup for the OM-1. It shades the eye far better than the original eye-cup. Currently, I designed two prototypes with differend advantages and disadvantages.
The other model supports the eye-sensor but doesn’t allow to rotate the hood. It will be available as dedicated left or right eye model.

One of the models features a rotating eye-cup that allows to adjust for the right or left eye or for landscape and portrait. This model doesn’t alow to use the eye-sensor.

OM-1 Augenmuschel
OM-1 Augenmuschel mit Augensensor-Öffnung

Both models use original OM-1 parts to mount the hood to the camera. This ensures that the hood keeps fixedto the camera like the original eye-cup.

Up to now, there are only two prototypes available. The parts hafe fine details so I have to validate printability of the rubber parts before uploading the parts in my webshop.

Developing such projects implies costs that I have to pay, even if the project fails. I will therefore evaluate all options to minimize risks.

You may follow the project on its project page which will be updated in regular intervals.

If you are interested, please drop me a line through my contact form.

Angle Finder Adaptor for OMDS OM-1 available!

OM-1 mit VA-1 Winkelsucher
OM-1 with VA-1 angle finder

I already received a number of requests for an adaptor to mount angle finders onto the OM-1.

I therefore designed a set of adaptors for the Olympus VA-1, the Seagull universal angle finder and the old Olympus Varimagni angle finder.

I printed a prototype for a first test and mounted a VA-1 angle finder onto an OM-1. Thanks to Reinhard Wagner for assisting in measuring the camera and testing the adaptor.

Serial production of these adaptors requires high precision 3D printing, available only on high grade industrial printers. I therefore uploaded the designs to Shapeways. You may order adaptors through my webshop at Shapeways.

More information about the adaptors may be found on my angle finder pages.

Photo Booth LED Ring Service Version 1.9.11 available!


The new version improves the user experience during installation. If no information is entered for controllers, the setup automatically searches for controllers and configures them for the LED ring service.

A new function was added to the LED Ring Configurator. Controllers now can be enumerated and then activated for use with the LED Ring Service. It is not required anymore to edit XML files to change the configuration.

The new setup is available in the download section of the LED Ring Service page.

Photo Booth LED Ring Service Version 1.9.10 available!

LED Ringe
LED Rings

I added an activation function to the Configuration Application. LED Ring and LED Strip command files now can be activated for the LED Ring Service. Configuration files now can be kept in any directory. A number of sample configurations is provided and can be activated in the LED Ring Configurator.

The new version is available in the download area.