Cyprus 2019

After a couple of years, I returned to Cyprus again. With only one week of time, I primarily went for diving around Paphos. Because of my good experience in 2003, I decided to check in at cydive, a well established and reliable dive operator in the area.

Strong winds kept me from diving the new wrecks that sank around Paphos since my last visit. In exchange, I had the chance of diving the Zenobia for two consecutive days. There are far worse alternatives than that! The wreck changed a bit over the last few years but not to the bad. It was and still is a great place to dive. Nearly all trucks fell down to the bottom, just a few are still stuck in a way preventing their final descent.

Here are a few pictures I took during my dives. You simply have to picture this wreck in black & white: 

I took a few top side pictures too on my way to and from the dive sites: