Scuba Diving

Where I’m diving

I like to dive local lakes and rivers as well as tropical water. Each site has its own peculiar fascination.

In the meantime, my log shows a veritable collection of sometimes quite exclusive dive sites. Dive sites where history was written, like the wreck of the Umbria or Precontinent II, remote mountain lakes at altitudes above 2500m (7500ft) or a volcanic spring, to name a few. I’m continously extending this collection.

My current focus lies on charting previously undived lakes.

How I started scuba diving

I was, more or less, highly hydrophobic. This changed dramatically due to a sequence of extraordinary events.

fusslerIt happened during a quite boring meeting at the office on my 38th birthday. Doodling along on a piece of paper, I sketched a small diver. There he was, dropping backwards into the water.

I spent the evening together with my girlfriend (who was divong for more than 11 years at that time) in a thermal spa. There was a poster offering “discover scuba diving” so we had “just” a look. The next day I secretly registered for my first lesson. Learning in the warm and cosy environment of the thermal spa was fun. The first open water dives in a nearly freezing mountain lake were an experience I won’t forget in a while. Since then, I had lots of fun in wet rubber. The little sketch became my logo and is called “Flinkfüssige Fussler” (quick feeted collector of fluff). The name refers to the bad visibility behind me, I left in the beginning. It improved in the meantime.

The consequences

Just diving isn’t enough, so I started some projects presented on this site.  I wrote “TravelTrakCE”, an electronic log for PDAs and designed and built, together with UK-Germany, an underwater camera housing for my DSLR.

As an active member of triton (Austrian Archaeologic Underwater Society) I take part in excarvations and research. My part is to do photo documentation and solve general technical issues.