PhotoBooth LED Ring

LED Ring Controller

You’ve seen this LED Ring before. It was connected to my PhotoBooth Controller. Now it is connected through a small controller straight to a PC. I wrote an application that allows integration of the LED Ring into common photoboth applications like Breeze, Darkroom Booth or dslrBooth.

The LED Ring is controlled and powered through USB.

To control the LED ring from a booth application, a service application is available. It is implemented as a set of .net applications running on Windows. The setup image can be found in the download section below.

Webservice Control

The latest release includes a Windows Service that provides a REST webservice interface. It allows to control the LED ring through parameterized URLs. The application may be used with dslrBooth (version 5.22.1401.1 or later), Breeze or Darkroom Booth. It comes with a sample configuration for both dslrBooth and Breeze. You can test the sevice with a common web browser. CmdLauncher.exe is a helper to call the REST webservice from the command line.

Light Effects

The LED Ring controller commands include a circling rainbow, static colors, blinking colors, circling of a few LEDs and a count-down style light effect. An automatic self timed countdown has been added to provide a nice countdown for Breeze and similar apps. Commands may be tuned through parameters like animation speed, color, segment size or direction of rotation.
Mapping between booth software commands and commands sent to the LED ring is defined in an XML configuration file.

  • all LEDs off.
  • static color: all LEDs are shining in the same color.
  • chaser: the effect features 2 colors. One is the background color and the other wil light up around the ring (and vice versa).
  • spin: segments in the foreground color “rotate” over a solid background color.
  • blinking: all LEDs are blinking in a common color.
  • countdown: LEDs are lit according to a progress value (percentage). This effect needs continuous updates of the percentage to be animated.
  • free running countdown: this effect starts with all LEDs on in a single color. It then switches off LED by LED automatically.
  • swoop: a segment of LEDs runs around the ring.
  • rainbow: LEDs are lit in rainbow colors. The rainbow is rotating.


The setup image below installs a Windows Service. It therefore has to run with administrative rights. The service itself needs a user with administrative rights and an assigned password to run as well. It is advised to create such a user for the service. The setup can do this for you as well as initially starting the service during installation. Once installed successfully, the service will start at system startup automatically.

The service expects a controller with matching firmware to be connected at the specified COM port. LED rings you built yourself may work but don’t have to do so by default. Please note that I only support installations where hardware built by me is involved.

If you have further questions, please use the contact form.

The software below is a sevice to my customers. Even if you haven’t bought one of my LED rings, you may use the software. Please understand that I won’t support you doing so.


  • XLoader
    Arduino Programmer
    File size: 678 KB Downloads: 123
  • BoothRingBin-Binary
    Booth Controller Firmware
    File size: 10 KB Downloads: 138
  • LedRingSetup
    LED Ring Service Setup
    File size: 375 KB Downloads: 167