USB-HID Adaptor

There are times, when mouse or keyboard won’t do the job on hand. Controlling applications sometimes needs special interfaces. A sturdy buzzer or wireless transmission is required. Sometimes, even switching a signal is required.

USB-HID Device (PCB)
Generic USB-HID-Board

That’s why I developped this PCB. It contains several modules that may come in handy to solve a special task.

The core element of the PCB is a free programmable USB HID device. It features two pins, that may be independantly configured as input or output. Therefore it is also possible to signal a status or switch a device. To protect the connected PC, one of the inputs is available as isolated input.

Extensions may be powered through a voltage regulator which providse 3V output. The PCB may be equipped with an USB A plug or a cable.

circuit diagram
USB-HID-Adaptor circuit diagram

The circuit is designed to be controlled by common open source software packages.

I provide a basic implementation that sends a left mouse click when shorting one of the inputs to ground.  Other implementations are available on request.

Generic USB-HID device
Generic USB-HID device

Curently, I use this PCB to wireless control a Breeze Photobooth. The Yongnuo receiver I use, needs a 3V power supply, which is provided on the PCB.

I built a small batch of devices. Please use the contact form to place orders.