Panasonic 7–14mm f4 Filter Holder

My experience with the Filter holder for the Zuiko super-wideangle lens led to the design of a filter holder for the Panasonic lens. I took measurements of the lens and designed a holder for Cokin Z series or Lee 100 mm filters. The holder is designed to hold one filter only. I tried to design a mount for two filters, but the filters would have to be much wider. That is too expensive and the whole rig would be quite bulky. For a couple of years, I manufactured the filter holder in small batches.

Filter holder with felt pads and o-ring

Filters are held by friction. To provide suffficient friction, one or two o-rings are used, depending on thickness and production tolerances of the filters. I use o-rings of 48×1.5 mm dimension. You may also use rubber bands of normal household quality. They will wear off faster than o-rings though.

To mount the filter holder tight on the lens without scratching it, two thin self adhesive felt pads are used. They should have a size of 50×10 mm. You may also use a textile adhesive tape as an alternative.

Please note: Shapeways delivers printable parts only. It’s up to you to get the o-rings or felt pads.

Now, the mould doesn’t allow further casting. I therefore uploaded the filter holder to my Shapeways Shop. The new version isn’t that sturdy and that smug, but it is much cheaper and it’s still available!

The video shows the usage of the filter holder. Reinhard Wagner took it during a Olympus forum user meeting.

Please, place orders at my Shapeways Shop.