There are times, when Images simply pop up in my mind. There are times, when they escape and become photos. They may be simple photos or may even contain heavy image processing.

Here, you may find a few examples of these pictures.

“First Ramson” is made a color-key to emphasis on the new life, brought by early spring.

“Carpe diem II” is a sequel to an earlier picture of this genre. I’ve choosen bright tones on purpose (in contrast to former variations). They represent to me the way I look at death far better than the dark versions. The picture was made during the work on an Invitation card for my 50th birthday.

“Memento mori” is a classical representation of this genre. I used color-key to emphasis on the contrast between life and death.

“The White Dominican” was inspired by a novel written by Gustav Meyrink. The picture is a variation on the theme represented by “Carpe Diem II”.