Eye-piece for the OM-SYSTEMS OM-1

The eye-piec of the OM-1 is secured by two small levers. It prevents loosing the eye-piece but causes significant efforts in designing and manufacturing replacement parts. I therefore designed adapters based on the original part. My design uses the levers and mechanics of teh original eye-piece to keep the eye-piece safely in place. There are two variants available:

Variant A

OM-1 Augenmuschel
360° rotating OM-1 eye-piece

The solution adapts the rubber part of an existing eye-piece to the original mount. The big advantage of this solution is the 360° rotation of the rubber piece. It may be adjusted for right or left eye and landscape or portrait as well. Sadly, this design doesn’t allow use of the eye-sensor. The adapter is printed from non-flexible material that is glued to the original parts.

Variant B

OM-1 Augenmuschel
OM-1 eye-piece with eye-sensor support

A dedicated rubber part is printed to allow use of the eye-sensor. The design doesn’t allow rotation. Printing is difficult because of the high detail of the mount and the flexible material. Parts are only screwed together.

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