Angle Finder Adaptor for the OMDS OM-1

Adaptors for  the OM-1 are printed either in SLS nylon PA11 or in Multi Jet Fusion nylon PA12. Adaptors are printed by an external service provider.

The original eyepiece of the OM-1 has a quite complex design. It is locked on both sides to the camera to avoid loosing the eyepiece. I didn’t follow that design out of two reasons. First, the complex desing leads to extensive production costs when building small batches. Second, all supoprted angle finders aren’t locked to the adaptor, so the finder would slip off the camera anyway.

The adaptor covers the eye-sensor, so automated switching between finder and rear display is disabled. With the adaptor mounted, the selection is set to finder only. If you want to switch, you have to change settings to manual display selection.

OM-1 with VA-1 angle finder
OM-1 with VA-1 angle finder

The VA-1 adaptor replaces the ones shipped with the Olympus VA-1. It won’t work with other angle finders without modification. It may be ordered through my Shapeways webshop.

Another adaptor has been dsigned for the Seagull universal angle finder. It may be ordered through my Shapeways webshop.

Even the old Varimagni angle finder dating back to the OM system from the 70ies can be mounted to today’s cameras. It may be ordered through my Shapeways webshop.

Disclaimer: when ordering through Shapeways, items are printed on demand. Orders can’t be cancelled and there’s no refund. When ordering through Shapeways, you join in a contract with Shapeways, not with me. Please read their terms and conditions before ordering.