Mobile Power for Olympus Cameras!

BLH-1, BLN-1 and BLS-5 Battery-Dummy

Hans Vollmer built an adapter that allows to power a camera from a power bank. The power bank has to implement the Quick Charge 3.0 or 2.0 standard in order to work with this solutuion.

Detailled information about power bank and camera compatibillity can be found on Hans Vollmer’s website and in a blog post by G. Wegner (both sites in German).

Mobile Power for Olympus Cameras

Olympus Battery Adapter with DC-DC step-up Converter
Olympus Battery Adapter with DC-DC step-up Converter

Finally, I found a DC-DC converter that is powerfull enough to drive a camera from a USB powerbank. The powerbank has to provide at least 3A at 5V to satisfy the power consumption of the camera during shutter release.

The converter is small enough to be built into the adapter on request.

Read more about this solution on my battery adapter page.

BLH-1 Battery Dummy available!

BLH-1, BLN-1 and BLS-5 Battery-Dummy

After a series of tests I have built a BLH-1 battery dummy for Olympus cameras (currently the OM-D E-M1 Mark II). Since the battery is larger than other models, the lid of the battery compartment is also bigger. This allows to cut a slot for the cable to pass through while the lid is closed. You shouldn’t do this to the original lid. That’s why I currently try to get spare battery compartment lids for the camera.

You may find more details about battery dummies on my Battery Dummy Page.