Shootings with Harald Hois

Every now and then, I model for the photograper and author Harald Hois. These dives allow me to visit rare dive sites and sometimes even places that were never dived before. Here, I present a few pictures Harald took for his publications in dive magazines.

Alpine River Project

During a first research trip for this project we visited a small but amazingly beautiful mountain river. While shallow in many parts, it builds several deeper ponds along its run. After our first impressions we decided to schedule some more visits to this wonderful spot.

The iX-Lake Project

Searching for seldom visited dive sites or even virgin lakes takes lots of time. Sometimes such a search is rewarded with a real gem. The lake lies in a protected area and it is necessary to restrict access to protect the fragile ecosystem. The lake is diveable with a special permit only. The owner requested to withheld name and position to protect this beauty.




After waiting for years, we got the chance to dive this strange lake. It appears spontanously due to melting water. It also disappears quickly within a few days without any sign. Water depth may reach around 3 meters. A spectacular and rare place to dive.

Ice Diving in Lake Weissensee

Pictures taken by Harald Hois in Lake Weissensee, Carinthia in February 2019 in preparation for the Underwater Photo Days 2020 event:

Diving a River in the Maltatal Valley

Some spots along this little river can be reached on narrow footpaths or by climbing only. Time to mount the 300 bar 3 liter tank and a 5 mm wetsuit to enjoy the 8°C warm water. The pictures were taken in August 2018.

Diving a Medieval Vault

Pictures taken by Harald Hois in a flooded mediaval vault in September 2017:

About 3 years later, we had again the chance to visit this extraordinary place in October 2020:

Austrian Mountain Lakes

A series of pictures taken in Austrian mountain lakes:

Diving Lake Baikal

Taken by Harald Hois in Lake Baikal (2015):

Southern Red Sea

Seawater, for a change! During a bota trip in the southern Red Sea I was again modelling for Harald Hois. A few pictures from this trip: