Shootings with Harald Hois




After waiting for years, we got the chance to dive this strange lake. It appears spontanously due to melting water. It also disappears quickly within a few days without any sign. Water depth may reach around 3 meters. A spectacular and rare place to dive.

Ice Diving in Lake Weissensee

Pictures taken by Harald Hois in Lake Weissensee, Carinthia in February 2019:

Diving a River in the Maltatal Valley

Some spots along this little river can be reached on narrow footpaths or by climbing only. Time to mount the 300 bar 3 liter tank and a 5 mm wetsuit to enjoy the 8°C warm water. The pictures were taken in August 2018.

Diving a Medieval Vault

Pictures taken by Harald Hois in a flooded mediaval vault in September 2017:

Austrian Mountain Lakes

A series of pictures taken in Austrian mountain lakes:

Diving Lake Baikal

Taken by Harald Hois in Lake Baikal (2015):