Angle Finder Adaptor for the PEN-F

PEN F with mounted VA-1 Angle Finder
PEN F with VA-1 Angle Finder

Although the PEN F has a swivel display, there are moments, where an angle finder would come in handy. The camera lacks an accessory port, so the electronic finders can’t be attached.

The old and sturdy VA-1, a relict from FT times, provides a good solution to this problem. It may be mounted to the PEN F using a small custom adaptor plate. I recently got measurements of the PEN F finder and designed a plate to mount the VA-1 to the camera. It slides into the hold of the VA-1 like all the other adaptors before.

A first 3D printed prototype worked as expected. There’s no need for expensive casting. The adaptor plate will be available in SLS 3D printing.

A4 Angle Finder Adaptor for PEN F
Angle Finder Adaptor A4

The adaptor replaces the ones shipped with the VA-1. It won’t work with other angle finders without modification.

You may order the VA-1 adapter for the PEN-F directly via Shapeways.

Another adaptor has been dsigned for the Seagull universal angle finder. It may be ordered through my Shapeways webshop.

Disclaimer: when ordering through Shapeways, items are printed on demand. Orders can’t be cancelled and there’s no refund. When ordering through Shapeways, you join in a contract with Shapeways, not with me. Please read their terms and conditions before ordering.