Part of my pictures are presented in my web gallery. Yet, the pictures really come to life when viewed as a large scale print.

That’s why I started to present my pictures in exhibitions. Some time ago, I started to present my pictures in public. I also sell them to refund at least a fraction of my photo equipment. In addition, it is fun to show the result of my sometimes tedious work in public.

Here’s a short list of my recent exhibitions:

  • “simply dying”, Funeral Museum, Vienna 2023
  • “Mountain Lakes”, Düsseldorf 2012
  • “Celestial Bodies”, Vienna 2012
  • “Celestial Bodies”, Pöllauberg 2011
  • “Celestial Bodies”, Vienna 2011
  • “Sweet — Spicy”, Vienna 2009
  • “Sensuous Fruit”, Vienna, 2008
  • “Spicy Kitchen”, Hatzendorf, 2008
  • “Split Views”, Vienna, 2007
  • “Honi soit qui mal y pense”, Kehlkheim near Frankfurt, 2006


Every now and then, some of my pictures are published in magazines or books. I published pictures in “unterwasser” and “Separeé”. I also wrote an article on underwater photography published in a book called “Extremfotografie” and delivered pictures for several books on photography.


As a result of my trips, I compile presentations. Adding background information and stories to my pictures enhances the experience.

I show the presentations in public in and around Vienna.