Photobooth Controller Software Version 1.4.7 available!

I created a new version of my Photobooth Controller software package. The service application was further stabilized. It is now able to automatically determine the LED ring interface port. This prevents problems caused by frequently changing COM port assignments on some Surface models.

I also extended the setup functionality. The administrative user required to run the service can now be created automatically by the setup process. The service will now be started automatically on successful installation. These changes should neutralize the traps during installation experienced by some users.

The new version is available here as download.

A LED ring for the Nissin MF18 ring strobe.

LED Ring for Nissin MF18 ring strobe
LED Ring for Nissin MF18 ring strobe

I designed and built a LED-ring for the Nissin MF18 ring strobe. The ring features 28 LEDs that are arranged around the flash. The ring covers the openings on top and bottom of the strobe.

The LED-ring may be controlled by a number of photo booth applications  through my controllers.

LED Ring Controller now as Windows Service

I overhauled the LED Ring Controller. It is now available as Windows Service. It runs in the background and can be started automatically at system startup.

A new function has been added to the LED ring firmware. It now supports a free running automatic countdown function. This allows to use countdown in Breeze or Darkroom Booth.

To support applications that can only call commandline functions, a helper application has been added.

The latest version of the software and firmware is now available on my website.

LED ring now Breeze and DSLRBooth compatible!

After receiving several requests, I reworked my LED ring project. I simplified the circuitry and rewrote the software from scratch. The result is a LED ring that may be controlled by Breeze or DSLRBooth via USB.

The project is currently in prototype status.

In addition, I wrote a Windows application that can be integrated in most photo booth software packages. You may also control the LED ring straight through the virtual COM connection via USB.

The application reacts on command line parameters (like status screen file names) and sends the command configured for the calling parameter. The controller is able to display a set of predefined effects. Parameters can be used to tailor the effects in direction, speed or color.

Among the effects are a runnign rainbow, countdown status displays, blinking, solid color or swiping a couple of LEDs round the ring.