PhotoBooth LED Ring Service Version 1.5.2 available!

LED Ring Controller

Again, I updated the software for the PhotoBooth LED Ring Controller. The service start-up is improved. It has less dependencies and allows an initial light effect on Windows restart and resume from hibernate.

The helper application CmdLauncher.exe got a new parameter -init that will set the configured initial light effect on the LED ring.

The most recent version can be downloaded here.

PhotoBooth LED Ring Service V1.5.1 now available!

LED Ring Controller

I changed the software to control the Photobooth LED ring again. The service now allows to specify an initial light effect that is set when Windows boots. In addition, a light effect is set after the installation to check functionality.

I removed setting a light effect when starting the service. It slowed down Windows startup and doesn’t work reliably on a number of Windows 10 installations. The initial effect can be configured in the service configuration file. The effect is set during system startup. It is visible before the Photobooth App is active.

The latest version is available for download.

PhotoBooth Controller Service Version 1.5.0 available!

LED Ring Controller

I updated the Photobooth Controller Service. The service now allows to configure an initial light effect that is shown on the LED ring after the services started. This allows to check the functionality as well as to set an initial light effect before the booth application is active.

The new version may be downloaded here.

A LED ring for the Nissin MF18 ring strobe.

LED Ring for Nissin MF18 ring strobe
LED Ring for Nissin MF18 ring strobe

I designed and built a LED-ring for the Nissin MF18 ring strobe. The ring features 28 LEDs that are arranged around the flash. The ring covers the openings on top and bottom of the strobe.

The LED-ring may be controlled by a number of photo booth applications  through my controllers.

LED Ring Controller now as Windows Service

I overhauled the LED Ring Controller. It is now available as Windows Service. It runs in the background and can be started automatically at system startup.

A new function has been added to the LED ring firmware. It now supports a free running automatic countdown function. This allows to use countdown in Breeze or Darkroom Booth.

To support applications that can only call commandline functions, a helper application has been added.

The latest version of the software and firmware is now available on my website.