Limitted responds

I am intensely working on a project for the next two weeks. This prevents me to be online as often as usual. Please apollogize for any inconvenience caused by late responses to inquiries.

BLH-1 Battery Dummy available!

BLH-1, BLN-1 and BLS-5 Battery-Dummy

After a series of tests I have built a BLH-1 battery dummy for Olympus cameras (currently the OM-D E-M1 Mark II). Since the battery is larger than other models, the lid of the battery compartment is also bigger. This allows to cut a slot for the cable to pass through while the lid is closed. You shouldn’t do this to the original lid. That’s why I currently try to get spare battery compartment lids for the camera.

You may find more details about battery dummies on my Battery Dummy Page.

BLH-1 battery dummy coming soon!

BLH-1 Adapter

I got already requests for BLH-1 battery dummies (for the Olympus OM-D E-M1 mark II). Therefore, I made first measurements and built a prototype. During the next few days, I will test and refine the prototype.

If the test results are promising, I will have PCBs built and launch a first series.

More about the new battery dummy in a few days.

Angle-finder adapter for the OM-D E-M1 II

Olympus presented the new µFT camera flagship as a prototype. Technical details are very promising. First reviewers pointed out, that the missing accessory port doesn’t allow to use teh electronic swivel viewfinders.

There is a solution to this problem. The receptacle for teh eyepiece is very similar to the one of the predecessor. That means, that my angle finder adapter I built for the E-M1 will also fit the E-M1 II. Therefore, the optical viewfinder VA-1 can ve used with the coming camera!

See here for details. Please, send questions or orders through the Contact Form.

BLN-1 Adapter modified for PEN-F

The battery compartment of the PEN-F differs slightly from all previous battery compartments for that type of battery. It has notches on both sides so the adapters I built up to mow won’t fit.

I changed the design of the adapter. All adapters shipped from now on will fit all cameras that use BLN-1 batteries.

New Firmware for the Photo Booth Controller

In this update, I fixed a couple of bugs. Triggering the release is more stable. Stopping the red waiting phase may be switched on and off properly.

Since I haven’t found time to provide an English user manual yet, the download area is available on the German version of this page only.

My 3D-printer is again up and running!

After replacing the standard hot-end with an Olsson-Block, my Ultimaker² is again up and running. The new system allows switching between nozzles of different diameters in less than a minute. I’ll run a few tests with different nozzles within the next few weeks. Right now, I’ll try to keep up with printing the current orders.

3D-Printer Service

The high number of 3D-prints I did recently, left their traces on the printer nozzle. Since I have to service the print head, I go for a new hot-end that allows me to swap nozzle tips. This allows me to use different diameters to gain even better printing speed and/or quality.

I can’t use the printer until the service is finished. Until then, most of the 3D-printed parts presented on this site (like the battery dummies or LED rings) are available in limited quantities only.