Dear Search Engine Optimizer

… you might have noticed, that not all traffic that could reach my site actually reaches my site. That’s on purpose. I installed a Search Engine Deviation plug-in to leave some of the traffic for my dear competitors. Why I’m doing this? It’s no good sports to wipe out all competitors by aggressive optimization. I also don’t have enough time to handle all inquieries and orders I might get from an optimized website.

Did you ever hear of work-life-balance? I’m covering a nieche with my business and I have lots of fun doing so. Please accept that I like it to stay this way and refrain from sending me offers for search engine optimization. Even you found my site. That’s more than enough. Take a few minutes off and relax. Save the effort to contact me in vain. Save me the effort of deleting your message. See, it’s a win-win situation! Isn’t that great!