Back from Indonesia!

I’ve been travelling Indonesia for six weeks. I spent the time with diving, testing dive computers and visiting friends.I also took loads of pictures that will be sorted and processed to be shown in my gallery.

I wasn’t online very often. The islands of eastern Indonesia are still very remote, regarding network connections. Depending on weather or simply the availabliity of a stable electrical power supply, the netwoks are unreliable and sometimes won’t operate for several days. Please apologize for delayed answers to requests. I’m back now and response times will be again as short as usual.

Angle-finder adapter for the OM-D E-M1 II

Olympus presented the new µFT camera flagship as a prototype. Technical details are very promising. First reviewers pointed out, that the missing accessory port doesn’t allow to use teh electronic swivel viewfinders.

There is a solution to this problem. The receptacle for teh eyepiece is very similar to the one of the predecessor. That means, that my angle finder adapter I built for the E-M1 will also fit the E-M1 II. Therefore, the optical viewfinder VA-1 can ve used with the coming camera!

See here for details. Please, send questions or orders through the Contact Form.

Gallery updated

I fount time to put a few of the oder trips online in the gallery. My most recent trip will go online in a couple of weeks. Please allow some time for sorting, selecting and processing the pictures.

Gallery troubles

I found out, that the page buttons in the gallery don’t work as expected. I haven’t found a solution yet. Currently, I switched to show all pictures on a single page (instead of paged smaller junks). Please apollogise for the inconvenience.


Graphical Design

I changed the fonts on my pages. The new look is closer to the one, I prefer for my printed media. I prefer the open, airy nature of the font over the standard font used for the theme.

I will change a few things regarding layout and design during the next few days. Please apollogize for any inconvenience arising from this fact.


I switched the permalink settings for my website from IDs to readable page names. This shall lead to better readable and memorizable URLs.

Legacy Links

The new platform causes links to the former content to break. I installed redirection pages for the most visited pages on my former site to allow existing links to lead to the right content.

Should there be a link missing or other problems, please tell me via the contact form.

A new Platform for my Website

Since my web representation is around for a couple of years, first problems arise. Menus are hard to use with mobile devices, updating content tends to be a tedious task.

Therefore, I decided to port my site content to a current version of WordPress.

This is the first implementation of the new site. As usual, it is available in English and German. I hope, that this change will add to usability and ease of access.