Photo accessories

Zuiko 7–14mm wide angle filter holderFilter holder

With an angle of 114° the Zuiko 7-14mm approaches the limits of wide angle optics. The highly convex front lens is one of the constraints building such a lens.

It also features a built-in lens hood that doesn't allow screw-in type filters.

I took some measurements and found out, that a filter size of 100×75mm (4×3") may be used under certain circumstances without vignetting.

I therefore designed a filter holder that accepts Cokin X-PRO filters or similar sized filters.

My prototype is built from black plastic using SLS technology. Two o-rings provide enough friction along the thin edge of the filter to keep it in place.

Filter holder CAD simulation

I have launched the production of the holder in a small batch. This has reduced the costs per piece significantly. Most of the items have already been sold and shipped. The design allows the use of Cokin X-PRO style filters. A filter has to cover at least an area of 100×128mm and is allowed a maximum width of 130mm to fit. Filter thickness may vary between 2.5 and 3.5mm. The filter will be kept in place by two guiding rails on both sides of the frame. Up to two high quality o-rings provide additional friction if necessary.

The filter holder extends the built-in lens shade. It reduces flares caused by stray light.

Filter holders are built with vacuum forming in a silicone mould. This technique combines die cast quality with a reasonable pricing for small batches.

Please place orders through the contact form on my website.

Olympus 7–14mm μFT wide angle filter holder

The lens isn't available yet. I am queued up for an early lens to measure and design a filter holder. If there are enough requests, I'll build a small series of holders for this lens too.

Panasonic 7–14mm μFT wide angle filter holder

My experience with the Filter holder for the Zuiko super-wideangle lens led to the design of a filter holder for the Panasonic lens. I took measurements of the lens and designed a holder for Cokin Z series or Lee 100 mm filters. The holder is designed to hold one filter only. I tried to design a mount for two filters, but the filters would have to be much wider. That is too expensive and the whole rig would be quite bulky. Recently, I started the production of a small batch.

Please place orders through the contact form on my website.

Battery adapter for Olympus BLS-5 and BLN-1battery adapter

There are applications, where battery capacity won't keep long enough. That's why I developed the BLS-5 and BLN-1 battery adapters. They allow to run a camera from an alternative power source. This may be a strong battery or a power cord, as long as it matches the electrical specification of the camera.

A power supply has to deliver up to 3A DC at a voltage of 7.6V.

There are no electronic parts built into the adapters. Only the plus and minus contacts required to provide power to the camera are connected. A power supply therefore has to ensure proper polarity and voltage. The adapter is not suitable e.g. to charge batteries with the Olympus charger.

The adapters are fitted with a 5.5×2.1mm low voltage power plug. Plus is connected to the center pin, minus is connected to the outside case. A do it yourself version of the adapter (loose parts, contacts to be soldered) is available on request.

The adapter housings are manufactured in 3D filament printing. A gold plated PCB is used for the contacts.

Please place orders through the contact form on my website.

Olympus μFT Body Cap Lens 9mm FE filter holder

It's great fun to use the body cap lenses. Especially the 9mm FE is much fun at low cost.

There's one thing you can't do with FE lenses, up to now. Using screw-in filters of any kind with an FE lens! Any kind of threaded filters of 58mm diameter may be used with the body cap FE lense. Even polarizing filters! The only thing you need is a filter holder, that snaps on the lens. I've designed such a filter holder and print them on my 3D filament printer.

I wanted to provide the holder at a price that fits the pricing of the lens. 3D-printing allows a good compromise between quality and price.

The filter holder is designed to take 58mm filters. Other diameters are available on request.

For questions, please use the contact form on my website.

VA-1 angle finder adaptor for OM-D E-M1angle finder

There are those moments, when you just can't use the LCD for taking a photo. Bright light, low camera position or portrait format may drive the need for a 360° rotating angle finder. While the standard adaptors will work with the E-M5 and the E-M10, there is no solution up to now, for the E-M1.

That's why I printed a prototype on my 3D-printer. After testing the prototype, I decided to build a small batch of adaptors. I use vacuum forming in a silicone mould, resulting in robust pieces, designed for daily use.

Please place orders through the contact form on my website.


A discussion during an oly-e.de user meeting lead to a series of camera grips. The latest prototype is designed to simplify the handling of long telephoto lenses.

It is called LoopPod. I'm trying to build a small batch for reasonable money.

The design allows to carry heavy lenses easily by the loop handle. It also allows to hold the lens in a more stable fashion.

CamControlUSB camera control

There are quite a lot of cameras on the market that can't be controlled by software through a PC. CamControl closes the gap. It consists of a USB dongle and a piece of software. The dongle contains all the circuitry needed to interface to the USB port of a PC or Mac. It also contains a 3.5mm stereo jack to connect to a camera remote control connector through an adaptor cable.

You may "press" the release button half-way and full under software control. You may do this even with a radio transmitter between the dongle and the camera.

The dongle acts as a HID device (like a mouse or keyboard) and doesn't need any additional drivers for Windows. The software interface is open source and well documented so it's up to you to add further functionality.