PhotoBooth LED Ring

You’ve seen this LED Ring before. It was connected to my PhotoBooth Controller. Now it is connected straight to a PC. I wrote an application that allows integration of the LED Ring into common photoboth applications like Breeze or DSLR Remote.

The LED Ring is controlled and powered through USB.

The controller application is called with a single parameter. This can be either the filename of a status screen or the current window caption of the photobooth application. The controller application maps calling parameters to LED Ring control commands. A configuration file is used to keep the command mapping. This allows to synchronize light effect on the LED Ring with the PC display.

The LED Ring controller commands include a circling rainbow, static colors, blinking colors, circling of a few LEDs and a count-down style light effect. Commands may be tuned through parameters like animation speed, color, segment size or direction of rotation.

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