Eyepiece for wearers of glasses for OM-D E-M1 or E-M1 ii

Adapter for using Canon 22mm view finder acessories on OM-D E-M1 or E-M1 ii.

Wearer of prescription glasses are foten affected by stray light when using the camera viewfinder. There are a few eyecups available to address this problem. Unfortunately, they are only available for a limited number of camera brands.

I designed an adapter to allow the use of these eyecups and other viewfinder accessories with Olympus OM-D E-M1 or E-M1 ii cameras.

The adapter allows to use all accessories compatible to Canon Eg 22mm viewfinders (fitting on e.g. Canon 1D, 5D or 7D).

OM-D E-M1 ii with Hoodman eyecup.

This adapter was designed for hoodman eyecups but may be used with accessories of other brands as well.

Please mind, that the large eyecup blocks the auto-switch sensor and keeps the camera from going to sleep mode. You have to turn off auto-switching between LCD and viewfinder in order to save battery power.