Booth Buzzer

Every Photo Booth needs a release button. It may be built in, connected via cable or connected through a radio transmitter. All these methods have their advantages and disadvantages.

This solution is a good compromize, packed into a nice shape. The buzzer is designed to withstand real world operation.

Bluetooth LE Buzzer

Bluetooth LE Buzzer
Bluetooth LE Buzzer

The most recent model uses a Bluetooth LE module that may be configured either as keyboard or mouse. It is powered by a LiPo battery that is charged through USB without opening the housing. Buzzer functionality can be configured through USB with a simple terminal application. The buzzer emulates either any possible mouse button press or any keyboard key (including alternate functions like Ctrl, Alt, Shift, …) or multimedia keyboard function keys. This way the buzzer may even be used to trigger the camera on a mobile phone or tablet.

To allow for the slim housing, the tripod screw has been replaced by 4 screw holes for a VESA 100 mount. The large bottom surface allows glueing the buzzer to a flat and smooth surface easily. The USB connector faces to the side to be accessible while the buzzer is mounted. The housing is also availble with a flange to be mounted in a board or case.

An illimunated version of the buzzer is also available on request. A series of RGB-LEDs allows light effects that my be configured through USB. A simple terminal app is needed for configuration. Terminal apps are available even for mobile phones, so configuration may be done nearly everywhere without much effort.

Yongnuo RF-603 Buzzer

Heavy-duty buzzer with modified case
Heavy-duty buzzer with modified case

The device uses a standard industrial buzzer switch that connects to a Yongnuo RF-603 transmitter. It is packed into an attractive casing for a more appealing look. It contains two AA size batteries to power the transmitter.

The batteries are accessible through an adapter for charging without opening the box. Charging may be done with a common AA-type charger.

As radio transmitter module I used a Yongnuo 603 transmitter. This way the device is compatible to lots of other photographic solutions.

Charging with an off-the-shelf charger

You may use a regular Yongnuo 603 receiver at the other end to directly control a camera or the Photobooth Controller. To connect the buzzer to a PC, I built a receiver that acts as USB mouse or keyboard. This way it may be used with a wide range of boot software. It also supplies power to the receiver module. I used a standard Yongnuo 603 receiver and attached it to my USB module. The module can be configured to “press” either the left, middle or right mouse button or a keyboard key. The USB-Adaptor to connect the buzzer to a PC has been built in a small batch.

If you are interested in the solution, drop me a message via the contact form.