Battery Adapter BLN-1, BLS-5 and BLH-1

There are applications, where battery capacity won’t keep long enough. Sadly, Olympus doesn’t provide a cheap and simple solution. For cameras, where battery grips are not available, there is no possibillity at all, to provide external power.

That’s why I developed the BLS-5, BLN-1 and BLH-1 battery adapters. They allow to run a camera from an alternative power source. This may be a strong battery or a power cord, as long as it matches the electrical specification of the camera.

BLH-1, BLN-1 and BLS-5 Battery-Dummy

There are no electronic parts built into the adapters. Only the plus and minus contacts required to provide power to the camera are connected. A power supply therefore has to ensure proper polarity and voltage. The adapter is not suitable e.g. to charge batteries with the Olympus charger.

The adapters are fitted with a 5.5×2.1mm low voltage power plug. Plus is connected to the center pin, minus is connected to the outside case. A do it yourself version of the adapter (loose parts, contacts to be soldered) is available on request.

The adapter housings are manufactured in 3D filament printing. A gold plated PCB is used for the contacts.

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Free Download!

I designed a cap that protects the BLN-1 battery from short-circuits. It also can be used as a marker to signal full or empty batteries. Feel free to download the STL file and print it in 3D.